🎉 Airstack is thrilled to partner with developers at ETH India 8-10 December, 2023 🎉

Airstack: The Easiest way to build composable blockchain app.

💥 View all of Airstack’s latest capabilities here 💥

🏆 Prize List — $10k in Airstack prizes

📬 Airstack has teamed up with XMTP for an additional $5K in prizes! Build with Airstack + XMTP to be eligible for an additional $5k!

Quick links, docs and tutorials:

🙋 Our team is available 24/7 in our dev telegram chat. Ask our team anything here -- we're here to help! 📑 Docs docs.airstack.xyz -- docs, tutorials, guides

🔥 APIs app.airstack.xyz -- get your free API key and try our 🤖 AI engine (Free API key with Farcaster or Lens or ENS. If you need a free Lens account, some see us at our booth!

🔗 Onchain Graph https://link.airstack.xyz/graph

🌏 Explorer explorer.airstack.xyz — see a GUI visualization of Airstack data, get APIs, fork the code as desired

👨‍💻 SDKs https://app.airstack.xyz/sdks

🥗 Combinations (X & Y & Z) https://link.airstack.xyz/combinations

@ XMTP http://link.airstack.xyz/xmtp

🪆 ERC6551 http://link.airstack.xyz/6551

🌱 Lens http://link.airstack.xyz/lens

💜 Farcaster https://link.airstack.xyz/farcaster

🎉 Social Follows https://link.airstack.xyz/social